Below you can find a list of projects I have contributed to or own.

DarkSpace is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game that combines tactical ship to ship space combat with strategy in a team orientated game. Players gain rank and prestige, which expands the ships they can command and the strategic decisions they make.
I have worked on this game for over 15 years, starting as a volunteer developer up to co-running the game with it's creator, Richard Lyle. The game logic, engine, and back-end lobby system are all written in C++, the source code of which was made open source a number of years ago, and can be found on Github at
Bristol Curtain Shop
This simple calculator was created to assist the business, as the bespoke curtain and roman blind calculations often took a significant amount of time to calculate by hand, and could contain costly mistakes.
The calculator is written in HTML5 and Javascript to allow usage on a wide range of devices and systems.